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Supply Chain and other Contracts

Whatever your business you will enter into contracts on a daily basis – either as part of your core business activities or because they are necessary for the running of your business.

Whether it’s supplying goods or services to other businesses or to consumers, leasing property and equipment to run your business or buying insurances to protect your business from the effects of damage, disputes about breach of the contract terms can arise.

The disruption that these cause to a business, eating up time and resources as well as money, can be mitigated by using mediation where appropriate.  We are happy to have an informal chat to discuss whether mediation would offer a commercially sensible route to resolving your contractual dispute.


Every organisation relies on the relationships between individuals for its efficient operation.

Where these break down, our experience is that whether the parties are directors, partners or employer and employee, mediation is a valuable tool. Saving time and cost and helping to alleviate stress in the working environment, resolution of business or workplace disputes without recourse to litigation or tribunals brings increased efficiencies, commercial settlement and a better understanding of the pressures and needs of colleagues.

We have successfully mediated disputes between business partners, company directors and between employees within organisations and are happy to advise on how we can help with business and workplace disputes in both the private and public sector.

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