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Disputes revolving around the distribution of assets in a family or continuation of a family business can be particularly distressing.

We understand the sensitivities involved and are mindful of the need to support the parties and help them to move forward positively at an emotional and difficult time.

We have successfully mediated numerous contested probate disputes involving the arrangements for continuing family businesses in both agricultural and commercial sectors, claims for failure to make adequate financial provision and disputes over the distribution and valuation of property and assets.

Coronavirus has led to a huge increase in online mediations, and many find this useful for multi party probate disputes where there can be complicated legal, financial and tax implications of proposals put forward during the mediation.  It is easy to schedule a series of remote mediation meetings over the course of a few days  – without the  cost and impracticality of having to gather many family members together in a single venue repeatedly.  A more relaxed timetable can be a real benefit that allows the parties more time to digest offers made and and take advice on them.

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