Fantastic. I don’t think settlement would be possible but have reached an amicable solution that all parties are happy with. They listened to all our concerns and helped us understand issues in our case from the alternative perspective.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your fantastic efforts yesterday when dealing with this mediation. It was with much trepidation and very little expectations that I dragged my clients kicking and screaming into the mediation process.

To have achieved a conclusion to a dispute which has been running for literally years is absolutely amazing and I would like to thank you for the professional, efficient, sympathetic and patient manner in which you undertook your duties.

Previously I have not been a tremendous fan of the mediation process but I will certainly advise clients to use it in the future whenever a suitable case arises.

We feel that the day was productive in that it avoided the necessity of going to court. The discussions were handled sensitively yet frankly. We were made to feel comfortable with the welcome environment, separation and refreshments

I am pleasantly surprised that we were able to make a settlement, the mediators were very pleasant, understanding and friendly

The mediator had a very professional approach and listened to everyone’s point of view. She had a very knowledgeable background to all the issues she had to deal with.

Overall a good positive experience with a good outcome. Very accommodating and understanding mediators. Thank you.

Thank you for your sensitive and professional support in the mediation. It was very much appreciated.

Has the mediation process been useful? Yes! I has reached a satisfactory conclusion thus avoiding the need for court proceedings and further costs. A long day – thank you for your calmness. We are grateful for the recommendation to attend. A very worthwhile procedure.