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Every business will enter into contracts on a daily basis. Whether it’s supplying goods or services to other businesses or to consumers, or buying goods, leasing property and equipment to run your business or buying insurances to protect your business from the effects of damage, disputes about breach of the contract terms can arise.

The disruption that these cause to a business, eating up time and resources as well as money, can be mitigated by using mediation where it’s appropriate. We are happy to have an informal chat to discuss whether mediation would offer a commercially sensible route to resolving your contractual dispute.


Consumer disputes whether in relation to goods or services lend themselves well to the mediation process, particularly where there may be a need for an ongoing relationship to resolve the dispute. The cost of mediation relative to other solutions can be particularly attractive to consumers and to businesses alike.

Parties are actively encouraged by the courts to offer mediation before issuing proceedings and we are increasingly contacted by consumers and businesses alike on all manner of consumer disputes where one or other party wants to offer mediation as a way forward. We are happy to speak to all parties to explain how the process can help to resolve the dispute.

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