What does it cost?

Our mediation rates include an allowance for administrative charges, an initial telephone discussion with each party and reasonable reading in time (see below). If a site visit is required, this will be charged at the hourly rates below. There is, however, no fixed or standard duration for a mediation – some can take a few hours while other require longer. The rates below are banded for that reason.

Where the claim is not one that is expressed in terms of money, our charges will be based on our estimate of the length or time required to conduct the mediation and the complexity of the dispute.

Monmouthshire Mediation Practice will carry out an initial assessment as to the suitability of each case referred for mediation based on a summary of the case which we will ask each party to provide. No charge is made for this.

The rates allow for reasonable reading in time. For disputes above £5000, we allow for up to 2 hours in total of preparatory reading. Where disputes require in excess of 2 hours reading an hourly rate of £50 per party will apply to each additional hour or part thereof.

Value of ClaimLength of MediationFees Per PartyAdditional Hourly
£5,000 or Below3 hours£150 - £200£60 - £70 Per Hour Thereafter
£5,000 to £15,0004 hours£300 - £450£80 - £95 Per Hour Thereafter
£15,000 to £50,0007 hours£700 - £1,000£90 - £100 Per Hour Thereafter
£50,000 + By AgreementDependent on value and complexity of dispute.
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