Why Mediate

Mediation is a sensible way of resolving any level of civil or commercial dispute. Whether it’s between individuals or businesses, in a personal capacity or commercial; whether it relates to your home, property, a family business or the workplace; whether it’s a small business dispute of high value commercial claim, there are benefits in using mediation:

Control of the outcome – both sides can find an agreement that works for them, with more creative solutions to the problem than a court could order.

Flexibility and convenience – it can take place at a time and venue that suits the parties and can happen before or after proceedings have started.

Speed – the mediation is usually a day or less, held within a few weeks of the booking.

Fees – are split equally between the parties and fixed at the outset so that everyone is clear about the cost.

Privacy – only the parties and their representatives are in attendance.

Confidentiality – parties agree not to discuss the mediation or the outcome and information either party gives to the mediator is given confidentially and only disclosed with permission.

Without prejudice – if agreement isn’t reached, litigation can go on as if the mediation never happened.

No winner or loser  – making it easier for relationships to be preserved.

Success rates are high  – leading to resolution in over 80% of cases.

Will it work for every dispute?

Not all disputes are suitable for mediation. It may be necessary to establish a point of law or deal with complex evidence and this will only be achieved in a court hearing. But the majority of disputes are capable of being resolved successfully in a mediation. We carry out an initial review of any case referred to us to determine whether mediation is appropriate.

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